Top Traveller Trends in 2023 – And How to Market to Them


Travel trends change every year, this year we are seeing a rise in three main areas of what travellers want out of their hotels in the UK.


A quiet cafe to work from is ideal

Workation is a trend that is seeing people combine work and travel. This is being driven by the increasing flexibility of work arrangements, as well as the rising cost of living.

  • Flexible work arrangements: Many companies are now offering their employees more flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flex time. This gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Rising cost of living: Due to rising costs, many are opting for “staycations” this summer. With the current trend of “work from anywhere” this has allowed more people to extend holidays with their family.

What these guests are looking for:

  • Stable & free wi-fi
  • Business centre or quiet area for a video call
  • In house activities for the whole family


Experiential Travel

The Shambles in York – dating to medieval times & inspiration for Diagon Ally in Harry Potter

Experiential travel is another trend that is seeing people seeking out unique and memorable experiences when they travel. This is being driven by the desire to connect with local cultures and to create lasting memories.

  • Connecting with local cultures: When people travel, they often want to experience the local culture. This can include trying local food, visiting historical sites, and learning about the local customs.
  • Creating lasting memories: People also travel to create lasting memories. This can include going on adventures, spending time with loved ones, and learning new things.

How to market: 

  • Highlight the availability of unique experiences
  • If your town/area has connection to any fandoms, reaching out to those groups, or highlighting the connection to them
  • Offering packages that include experiences



Offering recycle-able or sustainable amenities is one way to stay green

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to travellers. This is being driven by a number of factors, including the rising cost of energy and the growing awareness of the environmental impact of travel.

  • Rising cost of energy: The cost of energy is rising, making it more expensive to travel. People are looking for ways to reduce their travel expenses, and sustainability can be one way to do this.
  • Growing awareness of the environmental impact of travel: People are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of travel. This is leading them to seek out more sustainable travel options.

How to market: 

  • Highlight what your hotel is doing to lower the carbon footprint
  • Highlight seasonal dining
  • These are often “Outdoorsy” guests, so showcasing local walks, hikes, bike trails etc. is a great way to entice these guest.



The trends of workation, experiential travel, and sustainability are all interconnected. People are looking for ways to work, travel, and live in a way that is both fulfilling and sustainable. These trends are likely to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come, and the hotels that embrace them will flourish.