Conner boasts an extensive background in the Marketing industry, with a career spanning over 15 years, dating back to her initial role in radio promotions. Renowned for her innate creativity, Conner possesses a distinct vision when it comes to our brand strategies. She is the driving force behind conceiving, defining, and overseeing the execution of global marketing and digital campaigns.

Dedicated to ensuring optimal channel engagement, Conner oversees both central and local teams, lending her expertise to content posting and copywriting, while rigorously ensuring that all project content aligns seamlessly with brand guidelines prior to distribution. Her role also encompasses the development and execution of marketing plans in collaboration with local teams, all with the overarching aim of elevating brand visibility and driving sales.

What sets Conner apart is her multifaceted skill set, which includes the ability to handle all graphic design tasks for our properties. She specializes in the entire brand creation process, seamlessly transitioning from design conceptualization to implementation.

In addition to her impressive career in marketing, Conner’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to successfully operate her own events venue. This experience allowed her to further hone her expertise in Branding, Marketing, and Sales.

Conner’s journey is underpinned by her commitment to education, as evidenced by her graduation from the British Ballet Organisation, where she earned a degree in teaching.