This year, two of our Scotland based General Managers successfully secured two of seven places on the HIT Scotland Executive Leadership scholarship led by expert Dr Andrea Luoma.  The scholarship focussed on behavioural communication and how this impacts people and the workplace.  We are thrilled that two of our GMs have had the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic learning experience and we are excited to see the positive impact on their leadership unfold.

For both GMs, it is clear to see that some very valuable insights have been taken from the course which will help them both in their professional careers as well as their own personal growth with some noticeable changes from their peers already being observed.

Gary Pinchen, GM at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen said “For me the course was about communication/self-care and how to use your brain and significant tools to achieve these milestones.  The entire course was extremely interesting and insightful.

I believe that sharing my learnings with the clan will certainly enhance their way of seeing life and the challenges that fall in their path.  The main areas of learning I will implement is purging language and destress techniques.  The learnings will be used daily to enhance my well-being and that of my team.  It will give me the tools to help develop the clan and ultimately drive the business needs

John Forrester, GM at Braid Hills Hotel, Edinburgh said “I was honoured to be selected to be one of the seven out of 100+ Executive leaders in hospitality in Scotland who were given this amazing opportunity.  The training has been life changing personally and professionally.  

My biggest take away for me is resetting my mind.  The elimination and purging of key words. Drive the positivity. Look for the three positives rather than the negative. Looking at feedback as being the opportunity for input. Pausing for that mindful moment.

I will be applying all the aspects that I have learned to my daily practice by ensuring I have time for me but also the power that words can have in communication and now I have no fear to change the words to those which have greater significance and impact.  I will now, going forward, be putting all the skills and knowledge into all interactions with my team and guests.

We are very fortunate to have access to such valuable and impactful scholarships for our Scottish hotels and are thankful for the support and unique learning opportunities which HIT Scotland presents.  7H will continue to encourage participation through our hotel teams to drive continuous development of our people and are already looking forward to the announcement of the successful 2024 scholarships.